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Ikonic design_website

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Graphic design agency

Designer : Imad Hadad

Client : Creative Design Agency

Date : March, 2021

Category : Branding, Web Design, Web Development, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Commercials

Project Brief

I was an integral part of the development process of ikonic design. I come up with the name and I created the entire mood and vibe. The name itself is a unique representation of what this project stands for.

Designing the website was a great challenge as I had to make it clear and simple yet energetic and elegant!

Developing the website was a lot of fun and I had complete control over how it looked.

Social Media

I’ve been creating a lot of different posts to help you grow your Instagram, Facebook and Stories.

Ad Campaigns

I launched a campaign on all the digital platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google.


Designing & sending a monthly newsletter and making it look great!

Ads Campaign Creatives

Instagram, Facebook and Google posts and commercials 

Ads Campaign