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Freelance Digital Marketing Services.

If you’re looking for a way to grow your business and make more money, then you should use SEO & Social Media Content Marketing to grow your website traffic and make more sales.

freelance Digital Marketing Services


Organic traffic for your website

Search Engine Optimization is a strategy for getting your site ranked highly for relevant search terms. It involves things like optimizing the content, making it relevant and earning links to it from other high-ranking sites in your industry.

Posts and Stories

I will be your one-stop solution for all your social media content needs. We can take care of everything from creating posts and stories to creating ads.

Schedule Posts & Analysis

I get to the core of your problems and help you maximize results. Our tests are designed with findings in mind which means they’ll help you reach your goal metrics. We’ll integrate seamlessly because we’re passionate about what we do for you.

Additional Services

Design and upload

If you’re looking for design support to help you with eye-catching monthly campaigns that engage subscribers and earn more traffic for your site, then we’re here to help.

A revealing report about your business

Get a full report on how your competitors are doing and how to target the market. A report can save you time and energy. Plus, you’ll learn about how your company stacks up against the competition

Special plans That I Offer

Starter Plan​

Graphic design services only 

Project Managing

Graphic Design services 

Deluxe Plan

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A to Z Plan

For Startups / Online Stores

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You’re ready to start a business and you need help from start to finish? Let’s work together and turn your dream into reality. From deciding on the name and branding your company to designing a website or online store, handling your Social Media marketing and content and improving google SEO, or publish paid ads on Google.

I'm ready to start your project!

I´ve been in the industry for more than 10 years and educated myself in different digital marketing fields. I have created brands, websites and all kinds of digital campaigns for different clients. Let me help you with whatever you need.