Frequently Asked Questions

Project turnaround times depend on the work and client response needed, with design projects taking 3-4 weeks, but some website builds can take anywhere up to 8 weeks. The due dates are outlined during the proposal stage so you know exactly when to expect things.

My fee structures range from a monthly fixed cost to a per project, hourly or another costing arrangement that won't surprise you with any extra charges throughout the project

To ensure a spot on my calendar, 50% of your project fee is due upfront with the remaining 50% due when the deadline is met.

That depends. Good design requires time and research. Investing time will ultimately result in a better final product. I can work with tight deadlines if necessary but it impacts the quality of work provided.

I'm sorry, my rates are reflective of the skills and value I can bring to your project. I don't think that my rates are out of line with what is common in industry standard. That being said, I am happy to work within your budget and determine how much work I can do on that budget.

No, I do not! But I can point you in the direction of some premium copywriters or logo/brand designers I know from my network.

For clients that need ongoing work, I like to propose a first "test-run," which gives you a sense of what we do, turnaround time, and cost.

I keep my schedule organized by meeting first come, first serve so that I can provide ample time for every client. A typical lead time is about 4 weeks but I'm open for shorter deadlines too!

Price can be really different depending on what you need, but most people spend between $1200 and upwards on design work. I’m always willing to put the time in for your project within the budget you have so don't worry too much about that!

It seems like my work resonates with you and that we’re a good fit - this is great! In order to start working on your website, it would be great if all content and assets are ready to go. For example, you can have your brand guidelines, product photography and logo files ready for me.

Most of my clients are remote and in different timezones so I've figured out how to keep things running smoothly. Here's a great article about what it’s like working with me.

Absolutely! I want to be as accommodating as possible, so first let me get some information from you to make sure my services will be a good fit. Given our budget and timeline, let’s have you fill out a contact form here - just click the link below.
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Still have questions? Please feel free to reach out and learn more about the process, pricing, and availability.

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