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Project Info

Designer : Imad Hadad

Client : Environmentally Company ( Drones, LiDar)

Date : Oct, 2021

Category : Rebranding, Website design & development, SMM 

Project Brief

Precision Crop Tech is an environmentally-focused company that has been operating since 2010.


PCTech takes the whole farm and its surroundings into consideration when providing solutions.

  • Increased production
  • Reduced input costs
  • Ease of management


The client wanted to stay true to the original logo, so our rebranding focused mostly on the font and colors. This resulted in a modernized, clean look that really allowed the logo to stand out.

When I started out, the web development and design was still in the works. I had to come up with a good storyline based on previous information that I had access to. The clients were eager so this would have to be finished at a fast pace too. But our perseverance paid off as both their deals and mine went successfully.